She Likes Dates

My wife and her boyfriend went on their first official date out last night.  She was tired of having to be stuck in our bedroom the entire time they were together.  It was nice fucking him, she said she loved that, but at the same time she wanted to go out and mingle and be in public.  Fucking is fun but when its all you do for three hours, four nights a week it gets a little stale.

At this point the only time they could go out was at parties with the other black guys and white women because nobody my wife knew would be there that she would still be shy about explaining our situation.  So, like a good cuck, I suggested we go into Halifax and see a movie.  I would go see something else and drive, since neither of them are able to, and they could go see a movie alone on their first official date out.  She loved the idea and it was set in motion a couple of weeks ago.

We picked him up after work and headed right to the movie.  She was nervous because it was her first time alone with him out in public.  The parties are different because she’s had a lot to drink by the time they get there and she doesn’t care about anything at that point.  Without alcohol her mind is running and she’s worrying that she isn’t as hot as he is, which is ridiculous.

The first exciting thing, for me, to happen was when she got in the backseat with him.  She was in the front at first but I had to run in to print our tickets off and when I got back in the car she was in the back and the windows were fogged up.  They were making out, heavily, while waiting for me.  I was instantly hard.

The hour drive they talked and she giggled.  I caught a few glimpses of them kissing.  I heard the smack of their lips.  I saw her lean her head on his shoulder for long stretches.  It was incredibly hot.

When we got to the theater we split up.  She didn’t want me going with them, which made complete sense.  Mine ended first and I stood waiting for them for about twenty minutes.  When they finally came out I got really hard again.  They were walking down the hallway like a normal couple.  She was holding his hand and smiling at him.  Their fingers were laced together and they were talking and laughing.  It was so fucking hot.  I felt like a voyeur.

They got in the backseat again together.  She fell asleep on him after some more talking and giggling.  I was their chauffeur for their night out together.  I felt like the best cuckold ever.

We dropped him off around 130 am.  We got home close to 2 am.  She slipped into bed and after doing a couple of things I did as well.  I was so hard and so turned on I wanted to cum.  I pressed her knee into my hard cock and it just got harder.  She turned away from me and I spooned right up against her.  My thigh split her legs and I pulled her ass cheeks apart so my leg would be right up against her wet cunt.

I was a pathetic, whimpering loser.  I was grinding my hips against her ass and thigh.  My tiny little hard dicklet was pushing into her and a cascade of moans and whimpers were pouring out of my mouth.  I wanted to cum.  I wanted to cum so bad.  I wanted to cum on her ass.  I wanted to suck on her tits while I jerked off.

There was even a weak part of me that wanted to fuck her.  The strength of being a cuckold was powerful but my cock still has a little bit of life in it.  It’s still confused about wanting to cum and wanting to know what the inside of a pussy feels like again.

I jerked off to that the other day.  Imagining her stroking my little dick and telling me that I’ll never know what it feels like to have my cock inside a pussy again.  That warm, wet cunt and how sliding in feels so good.  I thought of her lazily stroking me as usual.  A very half-assed effort so it didn’t even feel that good but the words drew me further and further.  That I’ll never fuck a woman again.  That I never really did because she just laid there and didn’t do anything.  She grabs his cock with her cunt and holds onto it and he fills her with cum.  I came so fucking hard to those thoughts.

I wanted to fuck her.  I was grinding my hips and cock into her.  But my boxer briefs were still on.  I didn’t say anything except, “I want to suck on your tits.”

Eventually I stopped.  I rolled over and it was 230 am.  I didn’t want to piss her off and ruin the whole experience.  It was a perfect frustrating night of no cumming and her enjoying herself.  It was a night ever cuckold dreams of and I was happy letting it end just like that.



The Best Lube

I was bad last night.  Really kind of bad.

My wife wore her special lingerie that she bought for her boyfriend.  It looks amazing.  A pink body suit with black highlights in all of the right areas.  It buttons between the legs.  Right before we went out to get him she asked me to button it.  So I was down on my knees, next to her shaved pussy buttoning her one piece lingerie with nothing sense of sexuality from her towards me at that moment.  I was basically a nurse or some kind of sexless man servant getting her ready for a nice hard fucking.

We pick him up and bring him back to our place.  They slip into the bedroom and I sit on my usual spot on the couch.  After about 25 minutes she comes out, still in her dress but sporting a wide grin on her face.  She flips up her skirt at me from behind and says, “hey loves it!”

She then prances into the kitchen and pours them both a glass of wine and disappears back into the bedroom.

The night goes on with me screwing around on twitter and tumblr.  No sign of her for about an hour and a half.  Then the door opens.  She comes out of the room wrapped up in a blanket but nothing else.  She’s completely naked under it.  She slips into the bathroom then back into the bedroom and she’s gone again.  They’ve been fucking off and on for about two hours now and we’re only halfway through the night.  I figure its time when I’m finally allowed to cum.  My wife and her boyfriend have both had orgasms, it’s now okay for the cuckold to have one.  As the night goes on and I go through  the beta cuckold black dominant tumblr blogs I jerk off again and unload my cum a second time in my pants.

At about 115 am she comes out and slips into the kitchen, dresses in her normal clothing again.  She goes to the garbage can and then back into the bedroom, time to take him home.

When we’re pulling into his driveway she turns her head, places her hand on his face and pulls him in and kisses him with a loud smack on the lips.  I love listening to them kiss.

When we got home she went right into bed and I usually do some final tidying up.  On my side of the bed was a used, but empty, condom.  She refused to throw it away and was on the edge of sleep.  I went in and picked it up and took it to the garbage to throw it away.  Then I saw another condom.  It was used and had something in it.  I had an idea that I usually think would be very hot but never had the urge + opportunity until that moment.

I grabbed the condom and took it into the bathroom and locked the door.  It was knotted so I pulled at it until it came loose.  I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with the cum inside but I wanted to do something.  There wasn’t a ton, it didn’t look like much at all really but when I pulled the knot out of the end a little bit slapped onto the toilet seat.  It was a loud sound like it was heavy.  I imagined him pumping his heavy seed into her waiting, pink pussy and it got me hard.  It pushed me over the edge to keep on my path.

I dumped his load of cum in my hand.  It smelled musky and strong.  His scent wafted up through my nostrils and I was turned on and my cock was so hard.  The first thing to come into my mind was to shove my hand in my pants and rub his cum all over my little hard white cock.  It was so slippery and wet that it instantly coated my entire cock and balls and was still dripping.

I started stroking.  I pumped my cock with my wife’s boyfriend’s cum coating both my palm and my little dicklet.  It was incredible.  My chest was pounding.  I pulled my hand out of my pants and started licking my palm and sucking my fingers.  It smelled like he was so close to me.  As if he had just cum in my wife’s pussy and I was licking it off of her cunt while his cock rested right next to my face.  I might have even whimpered quietly to myself as I stood there cleaning my hands with my tongue.

I rub my cum and saliva soaked hand between my legs again, rubbing the last bits of his cum into my skin like it was a lotion.  I quickly tie the condom back up just in case, for some reason, she goes looking for it in the morning or it falls out of the garbage for some reason and she notices its no longer tied.  I put them both in the garbage and climb into bed.  She’s already asleep.

I lay there thinking about his cum all over me.  Thinking how incredibly hot it would be if he actually finished on me and the cum had been straight from his cock.  How his condom had his cum inside of it and her cum on the outside of it and I had been playing with both of their orgasmic fluids at the same time.

I laid there and thought of that and pushed myself to the edge and unloaded another batch of seed into my underwear.  Now having four loads of cum against me just that evening, three mine and one belonging to my wife’s black boyfriend.  I fell asleep almost instantly and felt so incredibly dirty.  The dirtiest I’ve ever really felt for being such a cum hungry slut.

Friday Night Cuckold

9pm:  Pick up wife’s boyfriend.

9:15pm:  Get back to our house and have them follow me in.  Try to sneak a glance of them holding hands or him grabbing her ass but its too dark to see.  I slip in the house and go upstairs and do a bit of dishes.  Some light cleaning.
She slips into the bedroom with him with the door closes and locks.

9:38pm:  Open tumblr, twitter and wordpress.  Make a few twitter posts about my wife getting fucked.  TV on in the background, sports.

9:42pm:  Type in “black cock, white wife, tumblr” into google image search.

9:48pm:  Open 15 tumblr tabs of black men fucking white women (or sissies).  Copy and paste some onto twitter.  Start rubbing my pathetic little dicklet.

9:52pm:  Wife comes out of the bedroom and walks into the bathroom.  Her skirt is missing.  Her leggings are pulled up much higher than she was wearing them earlier.  Her shirt is uneven.  Her dark hair is a mess.  She glances my way and has a huge smirk on her face then disappears into the bathroom.  I’m harder seeing that then any of the large cocks fucking white women on any of the tabs I’ve opened.

9:55pm:  Wife comes out of the bathroom and slips back into the bedroom and closes the door.  I begin to rub my little cock against my thigh.  Stroking and jerking it.  Finally deeming myself ready to have an orgasm after my wife and her boyfriend have cum, waiting like a good cuckold should.

10:48pm:  Current time.  No sign of her for nearly an hour.  Assuming they’re cuddling, naked, in bed partaking in pillow talk.
I’ve let the cum in my boxer-briefs settle and have gone back to continuing posting porn on twitter and reblogging things on tumblr, delving deeper into my obsession with black cock and cuckoldry.

ReBlog 4 Sum Luv: Elust 110 — Cara Thereon


If any persons are looking for more sexual blogging, erotica, poetry, commentary, anything this post (series of posts, it appears) is a great resource.

I’m kind of all over the place with my own blog.  Very infrequent so I didn’t quite notice any of this series before but its a lot of good stuff in one place.


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Acceptance of Being A Cuckold

I think I went through different stages of acceptance while becoming a cuckold.  I’m not scholar and this isn’t a paper naming all of them with definitions and such but in my history as a cuckold I did notice a change in the level of acceptance I had from early on, before cuckolding and then where I’m at now.

My wife and I had a tumultuous beginning.  We were teenagers and stupid and prone to doing dumb things.  We both cheated on each other but got over it eventually.  When she told me that she had fucked someone else, I was 20 at the time, I was really upset.  I cried.  I couldn’t stop picturing her on top of him.  It wasn’t like later in our marriage when she told me and we fucked while she described it in detail.

Before we were married I wasn’t a cuckold.  I didn’t know what it was and if I did I would have no interest in it.

The next ten years were kind of like the middle episodes of a good series on television.  They weren’t as exciting as the beginning and the end but they pushed the plot along and did a lot of character development.

For about ten years of our marriage nothing happened.  Or very little did anyways in the term of action.  We didn’t have much sex, for one reason or another.  At first it was because she didn’t want to.  I tried, numerous times.
Then it was because after so long being denied I didn’t want to.  I was tired of having it all at her whim and never when I wanted to.  I was stubborn.

Along the way she met her UK friend.  They developed a thing for each other.  Stuff happened and they grew apart and she came back to my attention.  Things went along as they were.  She eventually got her job and began fucking her co-worker and a cuckold was born.

I believe that these middle years in our marriage laid the foundation for our cuckold relationship.  The denial of sex and frustration that came along with it was felt and accepted, as was the aftermath and stubbornness on my side.  Then, her close relationship with her UK friend gave me an outside window looking in, of sorts.  I wasn’t privy to their conversations but I was aware of what was going on when she told me.
Finally, the climax of her climaxing on someone else’s dick.  Of course I didn’t know while it was happening, only a few months later she told me.

(She had wished she told me a month and a half earlier though.  They were at a work function in a hotel room.  It was her first time at this function and the guy she was fucking got a room for the night because he was expecting to drink.  My wife was drinking too and he told her to tell me she was going to stay the night in a female friends room, all the while spending it with him.  She was too nervous that the lie would slip out and they were very disappointed because it would have been their first time fucking in a bed instead of on the floor or desk of their bosses office.)

When she told me I was instantly fine with it, I think this is because I had the slow work up to it and was able to go through the peaks and valleys of each end of the spectrum.  I don’t know if everyone needs to go through this acceptance stage of being a cuckold or if others are more inclined to it.

I’ve always been a submissive type.  I remember being in a chat room as a teenager and experimenting with bisexuality.  I called an older man and he talked lewdly to me about masturbating and having sex with men.  I was a virgin at that point and only 16 and got a little creeped out.  (which was probably for the best, who knows what would have happened).  But the draw to be submissive was always strong in me.  I wanted an aggressor.  I was drawn to strong personalities.  My wife is a strong, dominating personality.  Not outwardly so but in a way where she has to have everything perfect and expects it that way.

Even after being cuckolded I went back and forth on the acceptance of it.  My wife eventually thought it was weird that I was okay with her fucking other guys.  The few friends she told all said I must be already fucking other women because no guy would be okay with his wife doing this.  (I was not.  I’ve only had sexual experiences with two other women after we’ve been married and it was well after she had been fucking her co-worker for years.  I had sexual encounters with 4 other men before I had anything with another woman.  Not that it would have made a difference and it was still well after she had been having after work parties on another man’s cock).

I wondered was I really aroused at the idea of my wife fucking another man or was it merely the idea that I didn’t actually care for her and it made her more like a stranger.  That now I was a voyeur in someone else’s relationship and got juicy details right from the source that I could pleasure myself with later.
I dismissed this because it wasn’t like I thought of her as a stranger.  There were times when we were arguing when I thought maybe this would be an out.  We would get divorced and I could find someone who wasn’t so “her.”  But I didn’t want to.  I didn’t want to end our marriage.  I got excited hearing about how she felt during their sexual encounters.  I wanted to hear about her orgasms.  The best description she ever told was when he gave her oral and made her ejaculate for the first (and as far as I know, only) time in her life.
As it went on and my bisexuality was becoming more of an accepted part of me too I wanted to hear more about the guy’s cock and how it was inside of her.  I imagined him coming over and having me watch then joining in and licking her pussy.  Eventually it would lead up to him slipping his cock out of her and into my mouth.  It was all so deeply layered that it was all one big fantasy and with every step the acceptance of everything cuckold was easy.

When she took the most recent step and started dating her Jamaican boyfriend I think I finally got to the point where I am a happy cuckold.  I enjoy knowing that my wife is being regularly fucked and pleased.  That she is satisfied.  I love hearing her gush about him and how sweet he is to her.  How amazing he is in bed and the different ways he fucks her.  She recently asked if we could go out together to a movie, I would go sit somewhere else and they would get to go on a date together with me basically being their cuckold chauffeur.

It’s not perfect and I don’t know if it will ever be.  With my wife I am very happy being a cuckold.  I even don’t bother her for those lackluster, half-attentive hand jobs she used to give me after he fucked her.  She hasn’t touched my cock in a month.  I haven’t asked her to in two weeks.  As far as she knows I haven’t cum in a long time.  I do it when she’s gone or I’m alone so I don’t bother her with it.  My gratification doesn’t matter, only hers does.
If I were ever to have a relationship with another woman I can’t say that I would have the same desire to be a cuckold.  I think if she was supportive of it and showed enthusiasm for it we may have an even better relationship than my wife and I.  If it wasn’t something this hypothetical new girl was into then I would be fine having it as a fantasy that I got to experience in reality.  Either way, at this moment, I am at complete acceptance with being a cuckold and everything that comes along with it.

Spreading Cuckold Positivity: A Reblog Story



My new favorite follow posted a top ten and I thought it was worth sharing.  It was taken from a lovely tumblr blog that I enjoy. (or at least it is quoted as being from there, I didn’t exactly do a lot of due diligence while looking up masturbation fodder this morning).

At the bottom it requests to reblog to spread cuckold awareness.  I will do anything to help women get as much sex as they deserve, and frankly if you ask nicely I’ll do anything you want 🙂

The text ist was written by Succubus of Spades. I love to have all that male attention. Christina. 1. You get to fuck other men, I mean c’mon 😍 2. They’re more than willing to satisfy ALL of your sexual needs😈 3. You’ll get to go on more dates 🍷 4. There’s no hard feelings […]

via Ten reasons why you should date & marry a cuck 😊💁‍♀️ — An interracial cuckold

Kinda Cuckolded

I’m pretty active on twitter.  My display name is “Kinda Cuckolded” because well…as the title of this post also says I am kind of cuckolded.  It’s an odd thing to say because how can someone be kind of cuckolded?  Your wife is either fucking other men while treating you in a submissive way or she isn’t.  What gives?  Well, I’ll tell you imaginary person who never asked.

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Four Nights On, Three Nights Off

She’s down to a schedule of getting fucked by her boyfriend.  Fuck him all weekend and Monday too.  Take the next three days off.  Start fucking him again on Friday.  Her pussy is getting the work out of her life.

She’s never had as much sex as she’s had in her mid 30s.

She’s been with me since she was 19. We never fucked more than 4 times in a week.  She fucks him four nights a week every week.  Even the guy she was with before him she was fucking three nights a week every week.  She’s fucked more times a month these guys she only sees on the weekend than she has ever fucked me in a single month.

I love being a cuckold.

I’ve been really into writing on twitter lately.  I’m enjoying writing little snippets and vignettes accompanied by pics.  A fun little writing exercise.  I do it all weekend when she’s in the bedroom fucking her black boyfriend.  I still can’t believe it, that she has a black boyfriend she sees regularly.  I’m grabbing my cock thinking about it.

I’m going to be cumming in a little bit.  I can tell.  I keep grabbing my cock imagining it.

Tonight is Monday night but they’re taking the night off.  He’s not feeling well and doesn’t want to get her sick.  I wanted to get a pic of him grabbing her ass but it was too dark.  I want to watch them so bad but I don’t want to invade their privacy.  I don’t want to ask and be a pest.  I just want her to enjoy his big dick.  I want her to continue to suck his cock like she never sucked mine.  She’s swallowed his cum too.  She will do anything for him.

She bought lingerie for him.  She’s bought a few new pair.  She bought a nice pair of bra and panties and had him come over.  She was waiting in the bedroom and sitting on the bed in it.  According to her he walked in and was so surprised he practically ripped it off of her.  He fucked her so hard and intensely that he came within a couple of minutes when he can usually make it last for as long as he wants.  He was so into her dressed up for him and I fucking love that.

We haven’t fucked since December.  She hasn’t even touched my cock since early August.  She used to give me her half attentive hand jobs where she was tickling my balls and I would finish and cum into my underwear like a loser.  She won’t touch my cock anymore, her excuse is always “I’m tired, tomorrow.”

Tomorrow never comes.  Neither do I, with her anyways.  I came three times yesterday at work, all in my shorts.  I felt like a gross loser and I loved it.  I love feeling like I’m being degraded and humiliated and left to cum in my pants like its my only choice.

So she’s still getting fucked regularly.  She’s still a black cock magnet.  I’m still her cuckold.  It’s down to a schedule.  A regular thing.  A normal cuckold relationship where she fucks him whenever they want and I jerk off and cum in my pants.  Love it.

Porn Star

One of the things that really got me into cuckolding porn were the captions.  Tumblr is amazing for them and they are so hot.  One of my favorite early ones was a cuckold or hot wife caption that read something like “My wife is my favorite porn star.”  It’s so true too.  Not that she is one or even has video of herself doing anything (much to my chagrin) but in my mind she is.

She is the only thing I jerk off to anymore.  The idea of her fucking other men is my only source of cumspiration.  I watch amateur videos with black men fucking white women with dark hair merely to imagine that it’s her in the video getting pounded bareback as she is.  Every time I cum watching that its intense too.  I love it.

I’ve often wondered if some day I’d come across a video that looked vaguely familiar.  The more I look at the surroundings and the person in it the more curious I got until I got a glimpse of her.  My wife in her own amateur porn video.  Her being a fuck toy for a large dicked black man (or, even better, men).  Sucking and fucking her way across his body until he fills her with cum and the video shuts off.  It would be amazing.

I’ve always wanted her to film something for me.  Even just take a picture.  In true cuckold fashion I’ve wanted her to wear her wedding ring while jerking him off with the tip of his dick in her mouth.  Or just from the backside, her on top of him, riding him slowly as they make out.  No faces but me knowing it was her and watching it over and over again.  It would be incredible.

She won’t, of course.  She can’t think of a good reason to tell him why she would want it.  Of course she doesn’t realize that most men, if you ask them, “hey do you want to film us fucking” will instantly say yes.  She’s shy though.  Fear of him saying no or questioning her motives makes her not want to do it.  The idea of seeing her lips on his cock will just have to be a dream for now.  One that I’ve cum to over and over again.


We went to the movies tonight, my wife and I.  She wanted to pick up her boyfriend on the way home because she hasn’t seen him in a few days.  She was sick and didn’t want to get him sick too so they took a few days off.  So we picked him up on the way by and they ran into the bedroom and closed the door.  She popped back out quickly to brush her teeth.  I’m sure she was going to have his tongue deep in her mouth and wanted to make sure she was fresh.

So I do my usual routine when my wife is fucking her boyfriend (I just love typing that), I sit on the couch and find something on tv to run in the background.  I jump on twitter and wordpress and look around until they’re done.  She said she hasn’t seen him in a few days so she wants a couple of hours.

I’m sitting here scrolling through twitter and logging in to everything.  (I always log into my naughty stuff under “in private browsing” so I don’t accidentally get happened upon if someone goes on my computer).  I log into email and wordpress and just get into twitter when there is a loud popping sound.  It sounds like its coming from outside.  I look around try to figure out what it could be.

Then it happens again.  The same sound, but it doesn’t sound like it’s coming from outside.  It’s coming from down the hall.  A few seconds later it happens again.  It finally dawns on me.  My wife is getting spanked in the bedroom!

The popping sounds keep coming, every 9 or 10 seconds.  Consistently.  She has us turn on a fan for noise cancellation because she doesn’t want to hear whats going on around the rest of the house because its distracting to them, so the sound of the popping is a little muffled.  But its more impressive that I can still hear it over the fan.  Its making a lot of noises and then I’ll hear another Pop!

Now I’m sitting here, hard as a rock, picturing my wife in the bedroom, stripped naked or at least down to her panties.  I’m imagining her on the bed with her ass presented to her boyfriend high in the air.  I’m guessing she would have her head down and waggling it slowly back and forth when he swings his bare palm against her ass cheeks and smacks it loudly.

Oh my fucking god.  I instantly posted on twitter!

I just wish I could have heard her.  I’m imagining things in my head that I would love to hear her say.  I want her to call him daddy.  I want to hear him say something like, “whose pussy is this?  Who does this pussy belong to?  This is my pussy, isn’t it baby?”

And I want to hear her say in her best whining moan, “yes Daddy.”

Then have him slap her ass again and call her a good girl.

Oh fucking hell I can’t wait until they are done fucking and cuddling.  I’m so hard and I’m going to save it for when I’m bed with her so she can tell me about the amazing fucking she just got and how incredible it felt to get her ass spanked by his strong hands.